This morning I just had an amazing realization, my hair can actually fit in a bun. For black/ Kinky this is a huge achievement. An average person struggle with hair growth and hence achieving this length is mission accomplished. However despite this, I still find myself wondering why my hair grow so slow and why I am unable to achieve shoulder length. If only I could then I will be able to do AB&C.

Just like my hair dilemma, so it is with your financial goals. Our human brain will use a little push to learn to be grateful. We are constantly looking forward to the next financial goal without actually enjoying the fruits of the goals we have achieved.

Think about it:

  1. At some stage your previous job was probably paying you less than your current job ( unless you got retrenched ), so this must be your greener pasture.
  2. At some stage all you really wanted was to settled your store cards so that you do not have to pay every month, so enjoy the break.
  3. You probably stay in a better neighborhood than a couple of years ago so enjoy the status.

So in light of this new journey, it will take time to reach your new  financial goals but remember also the perseverance and the endurance you maintained to get to where you are today. Live in present , enjoy the moment and share the moments with others.




Happy weekend ahead.




2 thoughts on “It will never end- live in the present

  1. Great Dhalondoka! What a very simplified and quite relevant example used to look into our financial (plus other) situations. Thumbs up once again. You should become my financial advisor/manager please. Regards, S

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