Good day dear readers

Kindly please note that I am currently in meetings for the next two days as well as travelling with work which has affected the writing and posting.

I will resume writing on Thursday, 14th March. Until then, kindly please post in  the comments section topics you will need clarity on . On the upcoming agenda, I have the followings in store for you:

  • Share investment. what they are and how they work
  • Property investment, the dos and the don’t and the process of buying a property ( likely to span over two or three articles)
  • Time management. Getting the most out of your day
  • Debt – a more detailed discussion on the types of debt and the cost of each and how to manage them .

Please comment with what you need exposure on.

With love


PS-Don’t forget to always check in with your financial fitness journey.


2 thoughts on “No posts

  1. Yes pls… Property… I want an investment that appreciates… Like don’t know if i should by a flat or house and rent it out… Or buy a plot and build one or two rooms or flats to rent out then save up to build more…

    And is housing allowance really worth it…. Cause after they tax it it’s not that much… Or is it better to try as much as possible to pay in cash and top up with a bank loan to make the interest less

    They say to make money you got to spend money… How do you set a limit of how much must always remain in your savings account….


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