Welcome to the savings challenge for March. I announced last week that I will go back to the savings challenge, where on a daily basis, I aim to be conscious about saving money. A little here and there can go a long way towards your financial independence.

But savings is only fun if you have a goal in mind and know in which jar you are putting your money into. In response to the lack of rain and no harvest expected, I know my family up north will struggle so I this will go towards providing for them when the current grains storage dries up.

So here is a few ways I saved money this week:

  1. Sunday my boyfriend and I walked from church. I normally drive to church but its not that far so we  walked back home from church. I also get to exercise since I want to run a marathon this year. (savings is N$24).
  2. Monday I did not go to work as I was on leave and a friend of mine picked me up so that we can run part of his admin work so I saved N$ 24 for a return taxi trip that I could have taken to work.
  3. Wednesday night I went out for dinner after work and my friend gave me a lift home so I saved N$12 for the trip that I could have taken back home.
  4. I had to go help out at church yesterday afterward and instead of taking a cab from church home I walked. The thing is, The coast is really a small town so walking does not take long and its also safer as most of the people here walk a lot to and from work. That saved me N$12.
  5. Seeing that I carried lunch 4 of the 5 days to work, I still had N$120 left of the N$250 that was budgeted for the week. I choose to save N$100.
  6. I also did work for a friend a few weeks ago and he was generous to pay me N$700. That is a side hustle I did not think will pay me that much.

So total savings this Friday amounts to: N$872

I transferred the money in my account at Nampost. How have you saved this week?



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