Apologies for the infrequent posts the last few days. My 58 day mission has finally come to an end. Flew home on saturday and I am well settled in. The welcome braai and the cleaning kept me occupied that I did not get a chance to sit down and write. But here I am today.

Let us rewind last week as we enter a new month. Another chance at making progress toward your fincial freedom and food sustainability journey.  I took you through the earlys stages of the food forest and what I like most about this project is the fact the longer I keep doing it, the eaiser it becomes. I then sent a reminder that the free trial month has expired and its time to set some short term and long term goals. What is that one thing that you would like to achieve this year?

We also had our last guest on the wave and we are currently gathering content for the new season. I am travelling again in the next 5 days hence its quite challanging trying to get this done.

I welcome back the savings challange and I am happy to announce my first savings this friday. My hope is that you join me on this journey and share how you are making your dollar go abit further.

Finally we touched abit on debt and how we as a community are not open to talk about it. I encourage you to speak up so that you can start turning your situation around. I am hoping to write more about this situation.

I received my statement from Nampost this morning and I realised that they have not yet allocated minor deposits that I had made in January. I followed it up with them which just illustrate how important it is to check your statement. This needs to all sorts of statements including, bank statement, investment statement, medical bills as well municipal statements.

My neighbour shared a story that I think also re-inforced this issue. She took out an insurance premium and made an arrangement so that it goes off every 31st of the month. February not having 31, her debit order bounced and she never noticed as she never review her bank statements. The bank than double deducted the next month and she still did not noticed.

A few months later when she got a call that she had qualified for a house, she then went to go look for funding at the bank. Only to get a shock that she will have to get a 6 month penatly because of this bounced debit order. This was not something that was in her control but she could have rectified it had she reviewed her bank statement.

She was lucky that due to the slow process at municipality, the house was still available 6 months later but you might miss a life time opportunity if you let mistakes like this slip. In addition, she never even noticed the heavy bouncing fees.

If you are that person that never checks the bank statement, please request or download it from your cellphone banking app. Do you know that you have an option to download three months worth of statement online?

In other news, my new plants are flourishing well. I  am excited for the harvest that will follow in the next few months.

Plant 1.jpg


Lots of Love


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