Happy new Month! May the next 4 weeks be amazing and productive.

On this journey, consistency is key. You will only start seeing results after a period of time and unlike other things we only have one salary a month, unless of course you find a second source of income.

Remember the challenge I started on my birthday last called #Better me at 26? I committed to save a few coins here and there over the festive season so that I can live comfortably in January. At the end of the challenge, I had saved roughly N$8 000. That was money I could have otherwise used if it was not for this challenge.

We are back at it again. On a weekly basis, I will aim to save over N$100 on something and transfer that money in a call account at Nampost via my Nedbank cellphone banking app. I will then share the savings each Friday so I can inspire you to also start savings in small amounts.

In addition, please feel free to share how you save during the week so that we can celebrate together the small victories the last Thursday of March.

Save the date, the celebration is on the 29 March 2019.





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