IMG-20190223-WA0015.jpgWelcome to yet another episode of The Wave. It has been an incredible journey and this also marks  the end of season one. In this season, we interviewed young entrepreneurs in Namibia and my hope is that you will join the momentum. Like always, it always a pleasure interacting with you. Please read, like, share & comment so that we can spread the wave of change.

Meet Vilho Natangwe Twafudhithwa Simon who is capturing a beautiful story. Coming from of a family of business minded people, he has always been in business. He owned a tuck-shop back in school selling sweets and nick nicks , he also sold fresh apples alongside the road. This was the beginning but his biggest business venture so far is Photography.

Photography was actually not the main thing, it just came by out of need when he started a clothing brand business back in 2014 to spread love across the Namibian nation. The clothing brand business needed photos for marketing purpose and he thought instead of hiring someone to take photos every time they need to do a marketing campaign which was getting costly, why don’t he rather invest in a good camera that he could take the photos himself?  It was from this point that he started teaching himself and shoot after shoot, he is  just getting better at it.



Just like any business, photography comes with its unique risk. We caught up with him to understand how he is handling it and this is how he describe it.

The main risks in this business is actually getting robbed of your equipment or you drop your camera and it breaks. The only way to deal with this is to insure it. In addition, you have clients who you would spent hours in a photoshoot but are unable to pay. What I then do is ask for an upfront payment of 50% before the shoot and the remainder will be settled upon delivery”


The love for his family and knowing that he can provide better for them is what keeps him going. In addition he is contributing to the economy and creating much needed job opportunities. What he enjoys most above all “I get to take beautiful photos for beautiful people in beautiful moments”


There are also other added advantages being in this industry because you get to work with people from different cultures, background as well as from different countries.”Photography took me to places I never been before, last year I even got an opportunity to travel to South Africa”

At VS photography, they do all sorts of shoots from individuals to weddings, with some special packages for couples and graduation starting from N$450, and wedding shoots starting from N$ 5000.

Innovation and repeat business is what they are about as they love making people smile. So the more precious moments you help them capture for you, the less costly it becomes. You might even get a 40% off your next shoot when you refer a customer to them.

Business card.jpg

Freez your happy moments for life!

Until Next Season






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