reflection.jpgThis is officially my last weekend on this 58 days work mission. I have seen the good days and the bad days of Sandton. I loved the experience and I am looking forward to coming back in future.  It is yet another reflection sunday were we get a chance to gather the thoughts of what came up during the week.

The most popular post of the week was the struggles for start up entities. This was partly because it was combined with the announcement of our guest on The Wave and it was by far the highest view I have received. Thank you soo much. If you have a small business and you wondering why you are not growing at the pace where you want it to be, please re-visit the key lesson of the two articles.

We also discussed credit cards and how they work. Personally, I do not have a problem with the cards for as long as you have self discipline. But if you are going to max it out on the limit every month and just pay the minimum payment, you are digging your own hole.

I then included an article on bounced debit orders and why you should avoid them. The fees that they charge you are high plus it can damage your credit score very badly. Sometimes debit orders or other swipes can be double deducted hence it is always advisable that you check your bank statement regulary.

We ended off the week with our green saturday where I introduced to you a concept of foraging. It can be fun if you have a friend that also love nature.

This week in no particular order, we tackle the issue on debt, re-look at budgeting and evaluating financial fitness. Welcome back the savings challenge and an update on how far  I have come with the food forest as part of Green saturdays. We then round up season 1 of The Wave before a production break. We will be back a little bigger and better.

Sneak peak of the closing off season one. So far we have done a Car wash business, a nail technician and a chef. What do you think this week guest is up to?

sneak peak.jpg

Live , laugh and love



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