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(2014: 11 days in Limpopo South Africa)

Welcome to green Saturday. We are undergoing change at Mother Nature and hence always up to something new. Our main themes are financial independence and food sustainability and since I have not been doing much on food sustainability, I have committed to writing an article a week on agriculture.

Bear in mind that I am just a Chartered Accountant who loves nature so if I write something slightly off, you know I am still perfecting my farming skills.

Ever wondered how our ancestors figured out what was edible and what was not? I mean how did they figure out that the wild spinach was edible and the next grass is poisonous? All this came about through foraging, a concept that is beginning to gain popularity in the western world although it has been abandoned in many Africans communities as people move to cities and town in search of better job opportunities.

Foraging is simply a term that refers to searching for wild food in nature. This is the same as the ancient hunter and gathering system . Back in the days, people went to gather for food out of necessity but recently it is coming back more because of health benefits of organic wild foods. In addition, as more and more people become aware of the impact of global warming, they are taking up this act through man made food forest as well as natural forest. Getting food this way improves carbon footprints as the food travels less miles from the source to the plate.


Boabob fruits my friend and I got from the villagers on our exploration around the community.

So next time you visit your village, here are some of the top three reasons why you want to consider foraging:

  1. The food you gather through this process is absolutely free unless you are getting it from someone’s private property. As part of my food forest project, I bring the seeds from nature and plant them in my garden. Indigenous plants are water wise and with the erratic rainfall pattern they easily adapt.
  2. Some of the plants have medicinal benefits hence good for your health. Just do some research from the older community members to help you with the identification of medicinal plants. I have discovered a plant that is good for ear infections in this process with the help of some elderlies in my village.  Too bad I do not know the English name.
  3. The food is most likely to be the safest to eat as wild  most likely means its organic.

The last foraging adventure I took was in 2014. I am going to put in leave this year to go on another adventure. See photos from my last adventure in Ohangwena region, Northern Namibia.

Day 1 of the hunt as I enjoy some wild fruit picking.


Day 2- Ready for another hunt in the nearby forest.


So why don’t you try it out?





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