dinner.jpgLife can be funny. You only start noticing something when you start taking an interest in it. You could live by your neighbor driving a car you do not notice until suddenly when you start thinking about buying it. After that point, you start noticing that type of car everyday on the road. This is kind of what happened to me on my finance journey. When I made a decision to become financially awake, I started picking up things I would not ordinary pick up.

Below are some of the few things and the key message:

When I am home in the North I generally take out my friends for dinner and this one time we went to spur. The cashier swipped and I got the notification on my phone that N$530 was deducted on my account but she asked me to swipe again because her speed point said declined. I was a little hesitant to swipe for the second time again but because I had no choice I had to. She assured me that they are experiencing problem with their machine but the amount will be reversed.

Two days later, I was still waiting but my money was not reversed. By then I had left the North off to Walvis Bay as my holiday was over. When I tried calling the Walvis Bay branch, they told me that I should have sorted it with the branch in the North because that were the instances happened. I kept going back and forth and to cut the long story short, I only got refunded after a long battle of two weeks.

Instances like this tend to happen a lot. You will not notice when you are swiping little amount but you might be unlucky one day. What if this is all the money you had? That is why it’s always important to check your bank statement. Just this morning when I checked my statement I noticed that my dinner for Thursday was also double deducted but this was reversed immediately. Sometime you are lucky and other time you may not be.

Then over the holiday, my mum and I went to buy fish in Spar. The security guard at the gate was checking item by item and she noted that we were charged for 8 plastics instead of 7. She then send us back to till and to our surprised, we were indeed overcharged  and ended up getting a refund.

How often do you check your slip before paying? How often do you watch the till lady scan things before you pay? How often do you check if those double deductions that they promise to reversed are reversed? The little you are throwing away to corporates who are already taking a big chunks of your money could be what you donate to simple projects such as pads initiation below.


Read your statement, read your slips.

Signing out


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