The best part of The Wave is the conversations I get to have with the guests. The last two episodes were epic. I loved having and interacting with you as we start the new movement of young entrepreneurs. Welcome to yet another episode and like always , my hope is that you will join the wave.

The other day I read somewhere that a lawyer’s mistake can get you to jail, when a doctor makes a mistake you could potentially die but for accountants, ours are just reconciled, adjusted and life moves on. This is what our next guest does. Meet Karina Akweenda, our Chef for the day. From 8 – 5 on a daily basis, she is passing journals, balancing cash books and the other fun stuffs that accountants do at a fishing company in Walvis Bay. After 5, she is either at church or in her kitchen doing what Namby’s Passion is all about.


Just like our 2 previous guest, hers is a story of passion and just going for it. In 2012 after her dream to study at the Culinary Arts in South Africa were shattered due to the high cost of the course , she took her mentor’s words into action. To keep practicing until she is perfect at making food. She then found Namby’s Passion, where they specialize in making healthy meals and unique dishes. She used her savings to buy her first 10 serving dishes and the remainder of her catering equipment she bought using the profit she made on small cooking jobs as well as from her salary.


Because of her 8 -5 job that pays her bills, she has strategies that only operates from Thursday to Saturday to give her time to recuperate and stay sane. Her passion of creating something unique keeps her energized when working long hours and exercising to keep fit is also important because she is often on her feet for long hours.

At Namby’s passion, they are all about creativity. They do not like doing routine meals as boredom kicks in very easily and hence she is always on a lookout for new recipes and skills, which led to her latest addition of cakes. Namby’s cakes are all about enjoying the cake without having to waste anything and it’s for this reason that they opted not to use traditional icing that is often full of sugar and mostly thrown away. When you buy a cake at Namby’s you are getting value for your money.


Just like PAK farming, she has also not seen much growth as she would have hope for but this could be because she was still perfecting her cooking skills and did not actively invest in marketing.

I do not know what I must do. Maybe come up with a marketing plan? Maybe find a stand where I could be selling my food? But I am at least happy that people have started trusting my food and the feedback I get from clients about how unique my food is makes me happy. I know where I want to be, I must just figure out a plan


Her wish is that Namby’s Passion becomes a full time catering business with the focus on healthy eating. This could be your high fat, low carb diet or just the less fat diet for as long as its healthy and clean eating. This will of course be in addition to some of signature dishes at Namby’s passion such as the unique sources and salad dressing they make using their own recipes.


“We do not have a fixed menu with us, you call us and tell us what you want, we will give you a menu that suits your needs and event”


What are you waiting for? You could be sitting on your big opportunity.

Signing out





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