My mission in Johannesburg is almost nearing its end. Sundays have become my favorites as I get to sit and look back at the week that just ended. Looking back at what I posted this week shows some growth and I am happy that it’s making an impact. Shout outs to my  new readers from Lesotho and Zambia. Your views brought soo much warmth.

The key takeaways:

  1. Financial mistakes can cost us a lot and set us back for a few years but often it is mistakes that can be avoided if we ask the people around us. Often just mentioning something to someone can help you look at it from a new perspective hence do not be afraid to ask.
  2. As we headed towards valentine day, I reminded you guys how to give the right present. It’s not about the now, its about what value can your gift to add in the recipient’s life. May you think of this as you attend various event throughout the year including weddings.
  3. I also responded to the question regarding balloon payments. Are you considering buying a new car, please ensure that you understand how balloon payments works and you are fully committed to it.
  4. I also reminded you that the bank is not a flawless system and hence it will help to look at your bank statement now and then for any unusual activities.
  5. And the highlight of the week is of course The Wave. As we learnt from the fearless ladies that are embarking on the entrepreneurship journeys.

In my second last week at the Garden Court, I would like to take this opportunity and share a few things on struggles of upcoming businesses, the issue around bounced debit orders, how credit cards works, double deductions on bank statements, and I have made a new commitment. Every week, we will have an article on food sustainability.

Here is a sneak peak of our guest for this week on The Wave. So far we have done the automative industry & the beauty industry. Can you guess what industry this is?






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