For the past 6 weeks or so I have been staying at the Garden Court hotel. The key to my room is a card that I have to swipe in an out to unlock to the room. Because they never told me how to handle the key, I did what I would normally do with any other cards. I kept in my purse, I sometime put in my cellphone pouch and at other times, I just threw it in my bag with other things.

This Monday, I had to go extend my stay at the same hotel and whilst I was busy , a new guest came to check in. As they gave him a brief introduction to the facility, I heard the hotel attended tell the guest to ensure that his room key does not get in contact with his phone. I couldn’t contain my shock so I said “really?”. I never knew. This whole time, I kept the card in the same place where my phone has been.

Just like the above key, lack of knowledge can hinder you from achieving your goals in life. At times we commit to things without even asking. After I learnt that life insurance brokers and others were paid a commission based salary, I became curious whether or not I was paying a correct premium. Only to figure out I can get a premium that is N$300 lower. I had to cancel the contract and take out a new one.

The other day I also noted that I made soo many minor deposit in my Nampost account that they never allocated. When I inquired, they told me that its because the deposits less than N$100 are not allowed in a call account. Joh, I threw a tantrum for some time and they agreed to put my money in but I should not do that going forward.

My point is, if you are not knowledgeable about something, ask. It does not help pretending that you know when you  don’t really know. And sometime is not a thing of being ignorant, there is just no way you would have nkown if no one tells you. In this case, kindly please keep an open mind to learning from different people.

If you are making a commitment of some sort, investing in a new product or just taking out a policy, run it past a friend.

The worst was when I found out that my gym short was torn after one week of Gymming with it:). Now I know never to wear it in the gym again.

The torn short.jpg






5 thoughts on “Please ask, there is no such a thing as stupid question.

  1. Wow, hectic stuff.
    Could you please shed some more light on Insurance packages for somebody who just recently started working and is presented with so many insurance providers. What does one look out for?
    These articles are empowering.

    Thank you.


    1. So if you started working I think actually the best thing to do is take a finance break. Do not sign up for things you do not need. The main insurance you will need are life cover and car insurance if you have a car. But becareful of what they put in the life cover. Avoid excessive benefots you do not need. The other essentials are study policies if you have younger siblings or cousin that you will ultimately bear the burden of their school fees. The sooner you start saving for them, the easier. Most study policy will mature and if the kids decide school is not for them,then you just keep your money on maturity.


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