It was great to have you last week on Episode 1, your visits were most welcome. Welcome to another episode of The Wave, as we continue to build momentum with fellow Namibians that are making it as up coming entrepreneurs. My hope is that you will join the wave.Training in session.jpg


Meet 26 years old Aina Mboshono Faith Kiiyala. On a full time basis, she is an office administrator, which she is currently juggling with part time studies at NUST whilst still running her Nail technical business at Infinity nails.

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She consider herself blessed as she believes that God showed her passion earlier in life. Since high school she already knew she wanted to own her business one day and she was fascinated by the art of nail technician. She even used to cut out the gold part of the cigarette packets to use as decoration on her nails when she would apply normal nail polish.

We caught up with her to learn about her journey and in particular what challenges she faced along the way. You will be surprised, just like me and you, she put off her business idea on hold for sometimes because she did not have the capital to start. Eventually, with her first N$200 she kick started her business and bought her first materials from China Town in Windhoek.  Her sister encouraged her to just start buying the basic materials one by one and start practicing on her,on cousins and other close friend whilst she saves for the bigger items.

Those words of encouragement are  just one of many that kept her going on this journey. It was from this point onward that she begun watching YouTube videos on learning how to do nails as she did not have money to attend formal training. She taught herself through YouTube and was lucky to get some materials from a friend who had excess materials from training she had attended previously.

I was keen to learn what her main challenge was and she described it as lack of motivation. Her family members did not believe she can make something out of doing nails and they said it in so many ways and form as they were somewhat disappointed that she is opting for this instead of finishing her degree and getting a normal job.

Aina- at work

But Aina , is indeed blessed. Her faith in God has kept her going as she push through with lack of motivation. Her breakthrough came last year as she launched her first Nail technician training course. At Infinity nails, they offer two types of training courses, beginners course and advance course. The beginners course is  for people that would want to start their own nail technicians business  and  the advance course is for those who want to perfect their art due to challenges they  are currently faced in their business. To her luck , 10 people signed up for her first course and since then, she has just been pushing forward.


“The beauty industry is growing and rapidly changing, hence one must be on their feet everyday and sometimes be prepared to have sleepless night to keep up with the trend. This industry is often misunderstood for people that want to make quick money  and is currently undermined in our country. But I want to change that. I want people to realise the potentetial that lies in the beauty undustry and that one can make a career out of it.People in this industry make more money than some of the people who have 8 to 5 jobs unless you do not know how to manage your finances. It does not hurt to have a receipt book where you record your sales and expenses as that will help you at the end of the month and you can use that data to set your target for the next month.

Her hope is to own an nails bar where they focus on nails only in a few years time. This will be based in the heart of Katutura, because that is where she started and that is where her people are.

She has since moved out from home and has turned her current apartment in her work station and a training ground for the nail technician courses offered at Infinity nails. “6 out of every 10 women wake up thinking that they will do their nails or their hair. The question is how do you get to them to come to you?  The competition is tough but you gotta perfect your art“.

What are you waiting for ?

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5 thoughts on “The Wave – Episode 2

    1. That is great news to hear. Now its actually the time to start because young people are motivated to havs the best care of their kids. If you can just have a quality of programms, do your marketing, i am sure you will be in a good position to start off with a goox number of kids


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