It’s almost Valentine and people around the world are celebrating love. This is also one of the season that retail shops tend to make money on things like flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. Because such things are normally a surprise, one tend to guess what the other party wants, buys it and hope that they like it.

This month, I decided I am going to give away the money I had budgeted for church giving to Om’ Rubes because I will not be attending church. Now and then, I do something for him just to say thank you for making us coffee everyday in the office. I sent the money to one of my colleague and told her to buy snacks for Om’ Rubes kids. I thought it will make him happy.

A day later, my colleague  came back to me saying that Om’Rubes asked if he can use the money to buy vision glasses as due to old age, his sight has deteriorated. He struggles to see and since he cycle to work, this can be dangerous if he does not see the cars. After buying glasses, there was still a few coins left, that he than bought snacks for his kids.

Om’ Rubes story is just one of many. We tend to consider our needs when giving presents instead of actually asking the beneficiary what they would like. If you have an option to ask the person what they want, please do before wasting your money. The person will appreciate something that is adding value to them rather than the temporary excitement of a surprise gift.

I am sure in as much as Om’Rubes kids would have loved more snacks, they would rather have their Dad safe as he cycle to work rather than being full for the duration that the snacks would last.

So before you splash your money this Valentine, if you know your partner really needs something useful or could use the money for something valuable, why don’t you gift them with the money instead of the flowers?


Just asking



6 thoughts on “Giving the right present

  1. You know what, this world needs many of “Dhalondokas”. This story looks simple but made a huge impact on Om’ Rubes’ life, Remain blessed!


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