Reflection sundayWow, I was amazed at the views I got this week. I am soo glad and happy for the response I go to first episode of The wave. Thank you soo much. It was yet another great week and let us reflect back:

It’s been an amazing week of tackling some of the common topics such as how to pay your bills effectively and how to rent well. With regards to your bills, the key is to figure out what methods you have at your disposal and the costs attached to each method. As for renting, the key is to know what is in the agreement that you are signing. If you commit to something, it might be difficult to exit if you later realized that you missed some details.

The topic on giving also received a few comments. There are often those people that promise to return your money back but when its that time to pay back, it always leads to tension. The key here is to not give money you are not prepared to loose and learning to say No when you legit do not have enough to share.

We spoke of different ways to run a business and this I want to link this to The Wave. These people started with what they have and did not wait to register the business in order to begin. You can still run a business without registering it and hence do not let that hinder you from just going for it.

And as we lazed around yesterday, I tried to encourage you to learn how to swim whilst the storm is calming down. If you lose that job suddenly, look for something you can do in the mean time while you look around for the perfect job opportunity. Opportunities are equally distributed but it is about who take advantage of it that set us apart.

This week, we have yet another exciting line up. I cannot wait for Wednesday night to reveal our guest for Thursday, Episode 2 of The Wave.  We have a post on considering a balloon payment for your car, we have asking the right question, we have how to read your bank statement, knowing the difference between speculating and investing as well giving the right presents as we approach valentine.

I am looking forward to interacting with you this week. Kindly please read, share the posts ( I have added the sharing button hence you can share with friend on Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp , email etc), like and comment so that we can engage. If you have not yet, kindly also follow our blog so that you ca get daily notification whenever we publish something new.

Thank you very much for all the love and may we continue to spread some love this week.

Lots of it




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