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If you have the strength like my sister Justy, I salute you. She was never the smartest in the family, repeated great 10 a couple of times before she finally completed high school.

Her story is one of a kind. As I left for varsity to cape town, she went off to attend a short training course to become a security guard. I mean who thinks of becoming a security guard at the age of 20? She could have stayed home just like other village girls and wait for mum to provide for her but she refused. She started off of as a security guard at the shop she ended up as a stock controller.

Her story reminds of me of many people in our community. They sit around awaiting for the perfect opportunity for the job with a decent income. Sometime, you will have to settle for something less just to get your bills paid whilst you looking for something.

Back to my sister, that was over seven years ago. She lost her job in December 2018 over  small mistake, but nonetheless she is still determined to go on. She asked me to look around for cleaning jobs, ironing as well as baby sitting jobs around my town while she figures out what to do. I was surprised that after soo many years of experience working in a retail shop that she was willing to settle for something that low.

So this Saturday, if you are reading this thinking you deserve better, hang in there , the storm shall pass. If you have a family member that is unemployed, encourage them to start something that does not require anything much other than their time. It is this small jobs that teaches us some of key money management skills such as living within our means and making the most of every cent you earn.

Wishing you all the best of luck. I am sure my sister might just be on the beginning of starting her cleaning and laundry service business. That is how ideas are born and business are built.

Keep going.



4 thoughts on “Whilst the storm calms down

  1. Thanks you very much for all the updates it keeps me updated and reremainder of many things I must try to do long time but we was not having a clue

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