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As promised, welcome to the first episode of The wave. It’s a series of interviews with my friends that are doing side hustle in addition to their day to day jobs in hope that this will assist them to attain financial freedom. My hope is that one of these stories will inspire you to move from the mindset of an employee and start looking towards job creation.

Meet 27 years old Elizabeth Haikali. An Electrical engineer who believes in the power of the $. She is not too worried about the amount of money her side hustles are bringing in at this time but is looking rather at the future potential that these will have towards attaining her financial goals.


Her daily jobs start weekdays from 7:30 -16:30 at a power utility company in Windhoek. This  leaves her with morning hours, evening hours as well as weekends to work on her side hustles. The latest to her addition is a mobile car wash. This was an idea that sparked up in her mind as it offers clients the convenience of washing their cars at home, saving both money and time which enable her company to charge standard car wash rates.

Although she started off doing the car washing herself, she has since employed other people to work for her and she occasionally goes on sites to supervise how things are done and spend most of her time marketing to get more customers.

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What started of as a means to supplement her income is now turning into something bigger. She loves making an impact in her community and mainly employs students in her mobile car wash business , which is a means for them to generate additional income. This is also giving her a balance between community work and business. In future, she would also love to step out of her corporate job so that she can leave vacuum for young graduates and also become an employer in her community and create much needed job opportunities.

“For me, small hustles teach you a lot. From business management, marketing, dealing with people as well as customer services. These things are essential to any business regardless  of the size. In addition, I keep the funds I generate from my side hustle in a separate account and once I have generated enough money, I will pull the capital out and invest it in something else. After all, the profit I make in that business will be able to sustain it. So do not wait for the big idea, start small whilst you save the capital for that big thing”.

She has many side hustles because she believes diversification is key. This allows her to meet her monthly target sales because if the one business does not do well, there is something else to make up for the short fall.

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