If you cannot make more money, you might want to make the best use of what you currently have. This includes ensuring that you cut out unnecessarily expenses from your day to day routine  and diverting the extra savings to your savings accounts. Here are some simple ways that you can try that will save you some $.

1.Do not shop extra hygiene products before finishing the ones at home. How many half empty body lotion, roll on, hair shampoo and toothpaste is in your bathroom and on the dressing table? Try to finish the open products at the end of the month before going to buy new ones. Until I finish my body wash, I will not buy a new one. Also ladies, watch out of new hair products. They sell you dream of faster hair growth. The shampoo is not what will grow your hair but your hair care regime will.

2. Do not speed. Speeding burns fuels faster and increases your chance of getting a traffic fine. Wake up in time to get to work without the urgency.

3. Do car pools – If you have a friend that works in the same area as you do and you have similar working hours ask them how they feel about car pooling to work. This way you get to share the petrol cost and still get to work on time. What is the worse that can happen? They will say No .

4. Switch off your TV, kettle, stove and light  when you are not using it. Do not just mute the sound on  your TV  switch it off. In addition if there is a child in the house, switching off the plug for safety.

5. Cook your lunch at home. It simple but just making extra food in the evening will not hurt you and your will save yourself some belly fat that you pile up from fatty food that you grab at lunch.

Do not just save it in one catergory and divert to another, really do save it. If you have extra cash in your account because you did not need to fill up your car twice this month, it does not mean you must now buy a new dress that you saw on sale at Edgars, put the money away in your savings account.

As you practices this smaller steps, you will start seeing the impact it has in the bigger scheme of things.








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