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Happy Sunday. May God bless you and grant you all your heart’s desire.

It’s been an amazing week, always great interacting with you. Soo much reading to do and soo much to think about. Let’s  take a look at what came up:

  1. We revisited an ancient old tradition of lay-bye options. This a great tool to not walk away with things from the shop until you have paid for them in full. The shops would generally sell it you at the cash price and allow you to pay them off in installment after putting up as small deposit. It works , ask one of your aunt, they would have used it at some point. If   you looking to buy something new like a fridge, it might be a good option.
  2. We then looked at how your brain works and why you need to be a little conscious of  your money decision. Your brain was never wired to deal with money hence if you know that, you will learn to refrain from things like ” I cannot leave it behind because its on sale” and start looking at things like, do I really need this.
  3. On Wednesday, I gave a crash course on a few money terms. Knowing what interest rates are and how inflation work might help you next time you meet a sales agent trying to lure you into buying some complex product you do not even understand.
  4. Tuesday I was a little vulnerable and shared with you my Big hairy audacious goal.  I thought about it and was afraid of fear of failure. What if something went wrong and I cannot afford to pay  for it in 4 years? Be ware of fear of failure and know that having the dream known to a few people is one of the ways you can keep yourself accountable.If it does not turn out to be 4 but 10 years? Hey, its still much better than 20 years!
  5. Tuesday was something fun. Download the Money app and track your expenses.  Where  is your money going? why are you spending soo much on that item? Have you noted that you did not give anyone money this month? You will know at the end of February as we are using January salary as a trial month and do better in February.
  6. Monday kicked off with finding how fit we are. Just like fitness goals, money goals should not be static. Revised them when you are getting bored or when you feel like it is not working out. So I showed my brother how close I am to getting six packs and he could clearly see that from the shape of my tummy I am not doing any exercise aimed at encouraging tummy muscle to firm up. Simply by showing my progress to him, he was able to give me two simple tummy set ups to do.six packs.jpg

Be free to share your  month to date or year to date progress with a friend or someone you trust, they might give you an idea that can improve your results.  If there is one thing you should take out from this week, download the money app and start tracking.

Looking forward to having you next week were we challenge some spending traps, issue around retirement and unit -trust savings as well as turning hobby farming or hobby activities into a profitable venture.

Stay tuned.



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