I saw a tweet over the holiday on Christmas.  The person who tweeted said ” is it just me? It feels like Christmas is no longer the same like it was when we were kids”. Then someone replied to that and said ” because it was never your money”.  I thought how true. Back in the days, you always expected a present without spending a cent. if you bought someone a present, it was with your parent’s money anyways.

For my self-employed mom who is a widow and have six kids of her own plus a few relatives to take care of, she always used Ackerman’s Lay-bye option. This is a way of buying something by putting up a small deposit upfront and paying it off in installments. The shop will keep it for you and you will only get the items once you have paid for it in full. So mum begun lay-bying our Christmas outfit round about June.

The beauty with Lay-bye though is that you are not charged any interest, the price you pay is likely to be equivalent to the cash price hence you save a lot of money in interest. This way, your brain also learn to refrain for the instant gratification saga we just read about yesterday.

Why am I writing this if its not yet Christmas? Do you actually know that the debt we are stuck with at the end of the year is for things we could not afford at the beginning of the year? New year new goals. Are you looking to get a new couch for your place? A new pair of gym shoes? A new phone? Why don’t you look at the Lay-bye option?  This wills save you soo much, trust me.

Just enquire with your shop if there are any cancellation penalty, how long the lay-bye period is and any fees attached to that arrangement.

My mum still uses lay-bye for her grand kids, because she believes everyone deserves a new outfit on Christmas.

See the latest gift to her grandkids below:




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