Happy new month for those that have survived Janu-worry. For many us, the new month begins on pay day. That deposit in our accounts brings soo much life that we have the energy to start a fresh.  Please keep the brethen getting paid on the 30th in your thoughts☺.

This has been a fun week. Thanks for more your daily read and feedback that give me the energy to keep writting.

We started off with black tax, a reality that we should come to term with and plan it. One must be smart to start diverting money and time in things that will bring about economic emancipation to our families.

Tuesday’s post was by far the most popular. Kids can understand how money works and therefore we should not shy away from talking to them about how tight things are.

We also explored niche skills. That is one unique thing that one need to discover. If you can get this, you can also translate it to a second income stream. That side husttle could be yout answer to paying off that debt faster .

I then shared with you my thought process that ended up getting me a Jeep. Whether you buy a new or used car should be your decision to make, so do not try to impress anyone.

We ended off with honesty. To gain from this process, you need to be honest with yourself. If you are going to seek advise, please tell the advisor everything like you would tell a doctor or a lawyer who is defending you for the crime you have committed.

What now from here?

With your pay in or about to, we must act. Just like water, if you spill it, it will never return to the tray, so is your money. Once you have spent it, there is no coming back.

We will be looking into your finance fitness journey,  how your brain and money works , your big hairy crazy goals, how to budget,and get ready for the storm is coming.

This was such a productive weekend. I read soo much from the two books. How I wish I could have nkown about them earlier.

Anyhow,the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago but the next best time is now. Take charge of your money now.



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