screenshot_2019-01-13-15-41-42One of the easier way to get more money and achieve financial freedom  is to find a second income stream in addition to your salary. As for me corporate world does not fully speaks to my soul and hence I am establishing side business that  could pave a way to the Armas Empire.

A second income stream can be an active business that requires your time and energy such as starting a business or in a passive way such as investing in a managed fund and getting interest and dividends from it.

It can also be a big decision like fixed assets investment e.g block of flats but it can also be small such as re-selling airtime.

For me, I have a chicken farm, that I joined after friends of mine struggled to get capital to expand it. I also have have fruit orchards that I  am slowly growing to  become a business in future.

The followings are some business that my friends own even though they have an 8 – 5 job:

1. Tyre business  – a friend has a tyre business in Otjiwarongo which he started with his own money before I helped him get funding from the bank to successfully open a second branch. Miiyelo Wheels and Tyre

2.  Welding – my brother has a welding business that focuses on metal work. He mainly works on weekends and during school holiday. See headline photo.

3. Coocking – my friend is establishing her self cooking for smaller parties and baking. She puts in long hours after work.

4. Tuckshop. This is my current project. Helping my friend set up a tuckshop selling basic neccesities. Today he has saved N$800 in a month.

5. Clothing import business. This is what my boyfriend is doing at the moment while looking for a job. My friend Sister is also having an african print business importing fabrics from other african countries.

So what are you waiting for? Save a little money and go for it. There is soo much to learn from owning your own business.

Take the risk.

Signing out



4 thoughts on “Finding a second source income #friday money tip#

  1. Mama I made it💃🏽❤️ I missed your blog the whole of last week. I’m getting time to catch up on the good content now. Second source is definitely the way to go. My fabrics business is helping me a lot with my masters tuition fees.


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