images (1)The other day I was sitting at my mum’s shebeen. I had just parked there after coming from town to run errands for my mum. Busy chatting to some customers, the village headmen arrived.

He was looking for someone to knot his tie. He would love to wear the tie to church the next day  but could not find anyone after several attempt. He asked if all the guys around could help and all of them said no.

As a girl, I am the least he expect to be able to nkot a tie. I then said in a casual voice “let me try, I think I know how”. I used to make my tie everyday in high school but that was 9 years ago. So maybe I had forgotten and I did not want to spark false hope.

Withing a matter of second, i had finished the nkot. He could not believe it. I then offered to re-do it as I felt that was just a trial and i could do it better and also show them.

Amongst the whole people he asked, I am the only one who could help me.  Just like me, you could also have a unique talent, skills or knowledge  that is unique in your community.

In 2019, find that skills and think of how to capitalise on it. How can it make you money? That is how business ideas are born.

Happy Exploring and implementing.

Signing out


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