Kids are such interesting creatures. The things they say and do can sometimes leaves me in a state of total shock.


#I and the crew that is refusing to go to school walking#

My nephew Chicco, age 7 has been living in Opuwo, a small town in Northern Namibia.  They attend school everyday so my sister has been paying taxi for them.

This year, she moved them to the village as she is considering a change in scenery after loosing her job. In the village they will have to walk as there are no taxis and he is adamant that he will not go to school unless there is a taxi to take them.

The funny part though is that he says if granny does not have money to pay for taxi, his mother will pay for .

His thinking suprised me because:

1. He knows taxis are not free, they cost money.

2. People do not have an unlimited supply of money, it can run out.

3. If one person says no,  you can always ask the next person.

I ignored his talked until my 9 year old niece also  mentioned how expensive water is after watching me water my garden.

So then, if the kids brains are capable of comprehending such things, why do you shy away from teaching them about money? I actually think we should give our kids finance skills at a young age.  Involve them in your weekly grocery shopping budget so that they can see how tight things are.

Unless you show them reality, they will keep making unreasonable requests.

Signing out


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