It all really depends. I was suprised to realise that I am nkown in my small town as the “Green Jeep Girl”. Only if they nkew my struggles with that car. I love it to bits because its my first car that I bought with my savings from my article clerk salary.

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A Jeep was never my dream car. Mine was a blue Toyota etios like the one my friend Meke drives.  I would have loved it but it was out of my price range at that time. With black tax on my shoulder and my petty cash salary, I shifted my focus. What if I had someghing for the mean time whilst I save for my dream car in 2019?

That is when the Jeep came in. At this stage, my only monthly cost with the Jeep is the insurance and the fuel. Occasionaly, i have to replace a broken part or do a scheduled maintenance  since i am off the plan.

So am I pro used car?

It all depends on what your goals and ambitions are. For me I bought a second hand car because:

1.I could not afford a brand new car. 2. I had black tax to still take care of. 3. I wanted a property before buying a car and I knew getting a car was going to reduce my qualification amount at the bank.

To top it off, my boyfriend is a diesel mechanic so as long as i help him keep his small business and personal finances in order,he gladly service it with his friend. I would have not coped without him with this car.

So, examine your situation. If you can afford a new car,by all means go for it. But if you are like me 2 years ago,you might want to look at a second hand option.

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