20180417_121040Insure what will bankrupt you

Hooray!!! They have found my bag  (the bag in the picture). It accidentally got on the Cape Town flight.  Everything of mine was in there. My clothes, shoes, books except for my documments. Someone then asked me an interesting question today when I told them of my unfortunate situation. If I had travel insurance?? The airline companies will normally compensate one for lost items up to a certain value and anything beyond that you will have to take out personal insurance.

But suprisingly enough, life went on for two days without the bag. If all else had gone wrong, all i needed was to make a few purchases and life will resume as normal. Not to say I do not love my things, but these are staffs i could easily replace.

Today’s tip is to ensure that you are insured for the right risk. You would want to be insured for loosing an arm rather than loosing your phone. It does not hurt to be covered with both but priorities must be right.

So if it will bankrupt you or your family, get it covered.

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Money tip

  1. I just found your blog on my niece (Ndayambekwa) ‘s what’s app status..it is very useful and educational. As an economist by training I’m happy to go back/ through the basics that are of fundamental value to manage our hard earned little money….you made me not selling my empty plot but to built something there and rent it out…. that will be a retirement gift to myself. Stay blessed dude!


    1. I am glad to hear from you. Always a pleasure connecting with the readers.

      Its important for many of us that have finance background to go back to the basics because we actually take things for granted. If you can create a passive income for yourself going into retirement, it will be a good thing for you and anyone behind you.

      If you are not a follower yet, please comment with your email address so I can send you an invite via email. You’ll be notified everyone I post a new article.



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