Greetings from Sandton.

My travel diaries has just begun with a 1 month away from home to Joburg. I always thought  “out of town” jobs are an enemy of progress because they take me out of my routine, associated with high spending and in a way I get to procastinate until I am back. But this year, I am determined to make the most out of it by working with what I have, wherever I am.

This travel diary though begun on a sad note as my luggage got lost in transit. I am hoping they find it tommorrow. I would have been devasted by this experience but I chose to look at it differently. I chose to be patient. To give them time as they look for my lovely bag with all my possession.

Patience is virtue needed in the 2019. Everything worth a while will take time and that requires patience. It will take time for the economy to recover so that your business can start doing well so be patient. It will take time for your bank account to return to normal after the festive season spending so be patient. It will take time to get out of debt accumulated over the years so be patient. It will take time for the investment made to grow so be patient. People  come and go, others that came after you might even finish first but remember your life, your pace.

My advise is set your financial goals and the timeline attached to it. Avoid the trap of making quick money else you might just lose your hard earned money.

#Timing is everything

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