Savings challenge day 14

It’s been a fantastic week with my best friend from SA visiting for the first time. As suggested earlier, I made a entertainment budget and communicated to my other parties so we all had clear expectations of what is lined for the week and how much its going to cost.

I did not transfer the money to a separate account but i created a balance in my spending tracker app and everytime we spend something, i will deduct from it.

Its soo funny how the one day I suggested to the team we should rather grab KFC instead of going to eat at the Jetty because that meal was chipping in other activities.

You will not believe how shocked they were. It turned into an argument but it allowed us to have a blast the next day.

On the savings challange:

Indirectly not wanting to drive becuase my car just recently got serviced  (and service is expensive if you do not have a maintence plan), i opted to use public transport to the North. I used the yellow buses because they are much safer and paid N$ 300 on a trip that could have costed N$3 750.

I have exceeded my EFT December limit as I tried to make all my payments before going on holiday and hence will only transfer to Nampost in January

Ps.. the planned meal after settling for KFCIMG_20181219_124248.jpg

Signing out


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