Savings day 13

Since the basic Afrikaans class I took this year, I have grown an interest in reading the daily Republikein. One of my favorite pages is the Commodity prices in the “Market watch” section. They list the value that the currencies are trading at as well selected shares on the NSX ( Namibia stock exchange ) and the JSE ( Johannesburg Stock exchange). Every day I look to see if my shares in Letshego have done any better.

For those that do not know about Letshego, they listed on the stock exchange sometimes last year. I took up shares to the value of N$ 2 414 and the share price has not changed since then. This got me thinking. What is the opportunity cost of my N$2 500 being tied up in the shares where the value have not appreciated  nor have dividend been declared?

If I had invested that in a low yielding accounts ( I love Nampost) , I would have gained interest of roughly N$60 by now. In addition, with the Nampost double rates of interest during December, that would have been N$ 120. This leads to my next big thing ” My hypothetical share portfolio”.

I looked through the shares listed and I thought to myself, which company would I love exposure to? This were company that either are doing well, or for some other reason  I feel like they have more potential for growth. Trying to diversify my portfolio, I looked at investing in different industry an selected the following industries.


The game is to watch the performance of the share prices and any dividend declared over the next 12 months and see of it beats my return on a call account at Nampost. If I win, then I get to pick up more share to add to my portfolio. If I loose, then I will be forced to add more money in my savings so that I can match the value of the share  in my hypothetical portfolio.

There are key take away in this:

  • It allows me to see how educated my guess are in a simulation environment before taking the actual risk.
  • I am simultaneously building an investment that I can actually withdraw some day in order to be able to use on something even bigger.

Current savings balance at day 13: N$ 3 569.54.

If you are wondering where I got the N$ 3 278.54 to play with, please wait for my blog next week .

Just an update on my current statement at Nampost so that you see that I am actually depositing


Until next time




3 thoughts on “#Better me @26 – Hypothetical share portfolio

  1. Thanks for your feedback, I am glad that you are learning from this. This a concept to help you learn how to invest in shares in a safe environment without loosing any money. The idea is to decide what amount your would be able to invest , and do research on companies you would like to invest in. Then you need to decide on the number of shares to buy with that amount of money for all the companies that you have chosen. You will then need to follow the movement in the shares to see if you have made a good investment decision or not. if you choose a company and the share price drops in the next 12 months or so, had you invested in that company in real life , you would have probably lost some money. You will the need to add additional money in your account to keep the same value of your portfolio. you can remove and add share in your portfolio if you see its a bad investment. Overtime, you will learn a little about investments, and because your money will be an interest bearing account, it will appreciate in value. When good opportunities comes up for share offers, you will be confident and you will have the capital to actually investment. hope that helps?


  2. I finally managed to follow your blog on my app. I’ve been catching up. Started top up. I love this post. I’ve also bought a few Letshego shares, but I got a dividend payout sometime in 2018, it was something over N$150. I’m not quite worried about the Letshego shares, because it’s a long term investment and looking at how the economy is doing, I can’t really expect much rise in the share price in such a short time. I like the hypothetical share portfolio idea, thank you for this. You know I love the idea of investing, but I don’t really study the things in depth… I think I’ll try one and monitor it over 6 months and then only invest thereafter. I’m definitely opening my Nampost savings account on Monday. Your blog is so educational, thank you😊


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