Savings day 12

Yesterday did not turn out exactly to be a zero spending day! Just on my way to choir practice, I found a truck full of fresh fruits. Grapes, prunes, apples, pears and soo much more. I ended up grabbing a bag of fresh grapes for N$10.

Today I want to write about keeping in your own lane. My cousin who recently attended a sale of plot event by our local municipality came telling an interesting story. She met a lady who works in a certain bank as a teller. The lady had come to buy a plot that was costing N$136 000 from municipality, where the buyer is require to put out 10% deposit.

For some other reason, that lady had gone somewhere and when she got back, the N$ 136 000 plots were finished, there were only plots for high income earning people in the price range of roughly N$300 000. Because she did not want to go back without a plot, she eventually settled for the more expensive plot.

Not long after she has signed and paid the 10% deposit, she is asking my cousin if she can get her someone to buy the plot from her maybe after thinking twice about the deal. What she did not know is that government sales have clauses that prohibits sale of erven within the first 5 years to avoid people making profit from sale of land. What will she do? will she able to secure the reminder of the price within 90 days to pay municipality? will she be able to source additional funding to build on the plot? My unanswered question?

The point I am trying to bring across here is that , you need to stay in your lane and stick to your speed of life. There will  always be people that will be richer than you are, better than you are but know what you want and how much you can afford. Otherwise your decision could cost you a lot.

I am not sure if that 10% is refundable but its highly unlikely.

On the savings challenge. I need to honour yesterday’s zero spending day and transfer that N$10 to my savings.

Current savings balance at day 12: N$ 291.

Inga kusha ngula




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