Savings day 8

It’s yet another Friday, marking a week closer to the end of the year. Festive season is a big spending time of the year and no wonder the newspapers all have an article or two regarding the money savings tips. Its up to us to decide what we do the information available.

From the six game – changing tips given in the republikein today, I want to talk a little on understanding where you at. For you to begin a long drive in a car, you must first get the basics right. You will need to check your tyres, you will check your water level and most importantly fuel up if need be. This is to make sure you know where you stand before you begin the journey. Equally important to improve your financial situation, you must know where you at.

As we head towards the  long weekend, may you make time to think and note the followings:

1. How much money do you owe in total? This include money you owe on your home loan, credit card, clothing account and money from friends? what’s that figure?

2. How much do you make ? From employment and or other small business? Your total income.

3. How much money do you save on a monthly basis. This includes, policies, life cover, retirement,short term and long term savings.

When you get this clarity, you will be in a better position to make peace with your current situation in order to be able to assess whether you have enough fuel for the journey or maybe delay that trip for another time.

Please feel free to share your financial situation should you require assistance  on how to proceed. Often this journey begins with opening up to someone and actually acknowledging that you will need help to turn around your situation.

Earlier this year,I started working with one of my sister who  owed money on a plot she bought, loan at old mutual ; on a Nictus furniture account and could barely afford to pay her son’s education let alone pay her share of the expected black tax. She was distressed of not having enough money and through consultations, we could work toward a repayment method that made it easier to tackle the debt and kill completely. In a space of not more than 8 months, she was able to eliminate her debt and start savings.

This journey will be different for everyone. Your debt is an element of the amount, interest and the time involved. It might not take you 8 months to get rid of all your debts but it is certainly worth your time.

Savings tip of the day: Last night I received a dress as a birthday present. In my exciting getting dressed this morning, I was too caught up that I lost count of time and eventually ran out of time to make breakfast. This meant I must buy something to eat to survive the morning. To my surprise, our secretary’ s daughter baked muffins for the office and we all got two muffins to eat. With a cup of tea, that was filling to get me energy. As a result, I saved N$ 20 for a pie that I could have bought at Engine. Coupled with the rounding up concept, I transferred N$ 28

Total savings balance at day 8 :N$ 221


The dress that brought about the savings 🙂Birthday dress.jpg


Inga kusha ngula





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