Savings day 6

Eish, the struggles of a home owner:(.  So I moved to my new home and  I have been procrastinating to go get the dustbin ( you know those ones municipality allocate to each house? ) .The thought of going to cab soo many trips kept me dragging until I sent someone to go do it for me.

Just 9:30 this morning, I receive a call to say that I need to pay N$ 1 538. 33 for connection fees of the water to my account. The past few days , we have actually been using free water.  I mean where the hack do I get that amount of money? And  they actually threatened to disconnect my water if I do not pay by tomorrow.

Long story short, thanks to my emergency  call savings account at Nampost, I was able to draw that amount of money because I save it especially for events like these. Its been running low lately and I will do a separate blog post on that:)

Today I have decided to put my extra cash that was meant for taxis into my savings else I will end up using it on something else. I had deducted enough cab money for the week before I got my car back but now that I have filled up, I do not need cab money anymore. I was left with N$80, gave N$ 50 away as an office birthday contribution and the change deposited to my account is N$ 25.

Current savings balance N$ 193. Almost a whole N$ 200.

Inga kusha ngula

Dhalondoka (  my First Name)





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