Savings Day 5

Joh!!!! Guys my green Jeep is back. I guess I was too excited to have my car back after a long time of taking Ubers in Joburg and taxis around Walvis that I could not wait to fill up.

I felt the pinch of the fuel as I capped my tank to N$ 800 because it was still not yet full by then. Anyhow, I fueled up just a night before diesel dropped by 40 cents a liter. what was I thinking?

Today savings is actually the cost of a mistake I did. I could have saved 40 cents on the 54 liters that went in my car. That works out to be N$ 21.6.

Current savings balance in 5 days N$168.

Guys that is already enough money to buy 16 loaves of bread in January,  14 one way taxi trips to work,  4 weeks worth of aweh to stay connected and keep up with the January memes on facebook and enough to shop for your child unexpected request of new sports shorts at Pep.

Inga kusha ngula

Dhalondoka ( signing out)


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