Savings Day 3 and 4

So this was a big spending weekend. My house warming party!! We tend to go big on small celebrations because some of us are celebrating battles long begun by our parents that they never won :).

For this weekend, I was planning to spend N$800 on a goat as I thought buying meat in the shop will be expensive. However the price of the goat went up to N$1 200 and I ended up going with the option of buying from the shop. To my surprise, mum sent me a whole pig and 2 oshiwambo chicken from the north, which meant I actually had enough meat. I ended up only spending N$ 450 on meat.

My indirect savings would have been N$ 350 but I had an unexpected car expenses on Monday to get my car back in a working condition and hence my indirect savings worked out to be N$ 80.

Current savings balance : N$146.

Inga kusha ngula

Dhalondoka ( signing out)





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