Savings day 2 :  Nothing too fancy but today’s one is a piggy bank concept. You know how when you go shopping with cash and you come back with change for your piggy bank? You can decide to do the same for your bank account. Every time you swipe, you can decide to round your account to the nearest next round number. For me the nearest round number today was N$ 200 and hence the change to be thrown in my savings is N$ 7.5 from my current balance. I actually got an error message that the minimum you can EFT is N$ 10

Kindly note : Ensure that you add your other account as a beneficiary for ease of Transfer. Make sure that your EFT charges is really Zero and your deposit fee in the other account is also Zero so that you do not lose anything in the process

Current savings balance @ day 2 : N$ 66

Inga kusha ngula

Dhalondoka (signing out)

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