I have been meaning to go on this financial freedom journey for some time now.  This journey aims to inform you of financial information that you would otherwise not have access to or  you would not ordinarily think of .

Kindly please note that none of my advise constitute financial advise and if you need to make a decision that will have serious consequences, consult a registered financial advisor.

This begins the first day of the next 40 days that will see me surviving the Mighty Januworry. Guys its coming!!!!

We  just received an email from HR today informing us that they will release the pay for December 11 days earlier. I have barely gotten through half the November salary cycle and another pay on its way?. Some of us have already started budgeting on it. For others, you are even getting December Bonus (lucky you in the tough economic times) but everyone is dry  come January (nothing prophetic about it).

With this in mind, I came up  with #Better me@26. Just because the idea came mind today when I turn 26. I will begin saving money on simple day to day decisions that will although may appear little in isolation will add up to a significant amount over the 40 day period ( at least that is how I imagined it). I will literally be savings by transferring the amount to my Nampost savings bank account via my cellphone banking app. The beauty with this account is that it has zero bank charges, tax free interest and I do not have a card but I can EFT straight into it.

Here we go

Savings day 1: I am moving to a new place and my car has been parked as it needs service. This means that I have to take taxis frequently up and down with moving things between the old and the new place. Yesterday, we had two guys helping us at the house with the move and my boyfriend made us walk from the new extension in Kuisebmund to Narraville because it will be too expensive for us to pay taxi for everyone. I thought how ridiculous! But I had no sufficient cash in my wallet to pay for the others (at it will be selfish to just cab alone), so I had to walk. I tried making myself feel good about it by saying its my weekly exercise since I do not have access to free gym 🙂 . The taxi would have cost  N$ 12 per person so in total I transferred N$56 ( In my excitement I calculated it incorrectly, I should have transferred only N$48).

Good start isn’t it?

Inga kusha ngula (Until another new day)

Dhalondoka ( signing out)


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