So this weekend I was at a church event. We gathered at church Friday night and overnight there. It was not really the most comfortable setting to sleep in but sunset came with joy. Thanks to the half complete church hall, we were able to take a warm showers in the morning, had breakfast and moved on with the first item on the agenda. Hospital visit!!!!!

Being the last born in the family, I hardly got to visit sick relatives in the hospital. But mom was always the one who would go with the relatives to hospital. Some trips were fine but some others were disturbing as they had to go take a late family member to the mortuary. The list goes on…. We had to split into three groups, some went to the critical conditions ward, others went to the general ward and the 4 of us went to the maternity ward.

Although I was undecided where to go initially, and this being my first  public hospital visit, I am actually glad I joined the maternity crew. There, the message of our prayers was different. We did not come to visit the sick, we came to celebrate with the new mothers. We noticed that most of them have all given birth except for one woman who was in tears as she endures extended labor lasting over 2 to three days.

They were all smiling as they breast-fed. They had long forgotten the pain of labor. They have forgotten the pain of C-section and the unpleasant cravings of pregnancies. Most of them were on phones as we preached to them with family members finding out how they are doing and some received visitors. But the one thing was true, they were all joyful, thankful and grateful.

As we took taxis back to church, I could not stop but wonder how amazing God is. He blesses beyond what we ask for. He provides for our daily needs. He restores that which is broken, he cares for the poor, he heals the sick and the wounded and his love and mercy never ceases.

As we approach the festive season, wound up the last two months of the year, may we remember to live out our gratefulness. Give a gift to every person you come into contact with. It does not have to be physical, it can be a smile, a positive thought and even more powerful pray that God meets their needs. May we make our faith practical for faith without actions is dead. Share with the less fortunate the by giving old clothes and none perishable foods.

My humble request- one act of random of kindness will change the world.



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Mother nature


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